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When you need to clear your home, apartment, or commercial property of its tenants, search no further than our tenant eviction service company in Redwood City, California. Since 1979, Professional Eviction Services has provided hassle-free tenant evictions services on a flat-fee basis. Contact us today at (888) 867-0168 to schedule an appointment.

Affordable, Time-Saving Services
If you are a landlord with a problem tenant, save yourself the trouble of handling all the legal activities and documents involved in a tenant eviction case by working with Professional Eviction Services. We charge by the hour, and we provide you with services that take care of the paperwork and legwork involved with each case. Contact us today at
(888) 867-0168 to learn more.

Eviction Services Include the Following:
   • Paperwork
   • Court Activities
   • Process Serving
   • Providing Information to the Sheriff

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